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Advisor applies wrestling background for success

By July 14, 2020No Comments

“I wanted to get into this industry because I want to be out creating relationships. I like to hear each businesses story and help them in any way I can”, says Benefits Solutions Advisor, Max Thomsen.

Many know Max as the 4-time state wrestling champion from La Porte City, Iowa. Others may know him as the former 149-pound wrestler at the University of Northern Iowa. Today, he is starting his career as a Benefits Solutions Advisor at The Accel Group.

“Max comes to us highly recommended by everyone in his path. He is an incredible young man with a deep interest in helping those around him. His willingness to learn from others and history of competing at an elite level will serve him well in this industry. His situation is ideal as he will be working alongside another 4x’er, Nick Moore, and our benefits leader Josh Budke with 3 titles of his own”, says Partner and Business Insurance Advisor, Ty Burke.

The sport of wrestling has taught Max many valuable lessons that he will forever carry with him throughout life and his career in insurance and employee benefits. He started wrestling at the age of four and describes most of his early on memories as “going to tournaments, eating a slice of pizza, and wrestling some matches”. Little did he know that this was the start of a very successful career in the sport that would shape him into the person he is today.

Growing up wrestling was a main hobby in the Thomsen family. “We went to wrestling tournaments instead of family vacations”, Max laughed.

Max’s older brother, Logan Thomsen, had a large impact on him growing up and in the sport. They were able to wrestle for two years on the same team in high school, which motivated Max in the room. Max describes his brother as one of the hardest workers he has ever been around and remembers trying to match his effort even though many times he couldn’t. Max had an outstanding high school wrestling career being a four-time state champion wrestling at a “lean and mean” (as Max calls it) 113 pounds his freshman year, 126 pounds sophomore year, 138 pounds junior year, and 145 pounds his senior year.

His hard work and determination took him to the University of Northern Iowa for his college wrestling career where he was coached and influenced by Doug Schwab. There he wrestled at 149 pounds and became a 4x NCAA national qualifier and gained All American status. Max says Schwab is the most influential person to enter his life, setting a great example for the team and inspiring those around him.

“I looked up to him because of how selfless he was and how he put everyone else’s needs in front of his own.”
Like learning from coach Schwab, Max looks forward to learning from other team members at The Accel Group. “In wrestling I always looked up to good wrestlers and watched my coaches and how they carried themselves. At The Accel Group there are guys who I can really look up to. I like to spend my time around people who are high achievers, and I think Josh Budke is the perfect guy for me to work under because of his work ethic and knowledge.”

Max will spend most of his time on the job talking to business owners and providing them employee benefits to fit their unique needs. Recruiting and retaining the best employees is at the top of mind during this process.

“How you do anything is how you do everything. Wrestling taught me to live a high standard of life. It wasn’t just wrestling I was putting my heart and soul into, but my academics, relationships outside of the sport, and holding myself to a high standard in all aspects of my life. This will remain the same as I enter my professional career.”

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