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5 tips to save on air conditioning costs

By June 10, 2020June 23rd, 2021No Comments
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In the hot summer months, it can become an expensive necessity to run your AC. Read these tips below to learn how to reduce air conditioning expenses by slightly changing your daily habits.

Keep the sun out

Sun rays can create comforting natural light in our homes, but you may want to keep the blinds closed during hot summer days. The sunlight can make an AC unit work much harder to cool your home. This tip can be especially helpful if you are going to be gone during the day because you will not be home to enjoy that natural sunlight.

Use a fan

According to the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), using a ceiling fan can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler and only uses 10 percent of the energy a central AC uses.

Avoid using the oven or stove

Why add heat to your home when you are trying to cool it? These two can be big heat generators, especially during the day. Using these appliances might be a must for cooking, but it is recommended to try and use a grill or microwave if you can when it is warmer during the day.

Check the insulation of your home

A poorly insulated home can result in using more energy to try and cool the space. This is especially important to inspect if you have an older home, which is more prone to having cracks and worn seals. If you are unsure of the condition of your home’s insulation, an energy auditor can check for energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the typical household can save around 25% on utility bills with these efficiency measures.

Replace furnace filters

If you haven’t been up to date replacing your furnace filter, eventually it will become clogged and air will not be able to pass through. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can reduce energy consumption by as much as 15%. A filter should be replaced around every 3 months, but it really depends on the type. Unsure on what type of air filter you need? Check out this buying guide.

Please note: There is no guarantee the tips above will lower your utility expenses. What works for some, may not work for all. Try them out and see if they help you save!