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Conversation with AgriBusiness Insurance Advisor Mark Lenius

Blog Post - Ag.Mark (Cover Photo)

“After 10 years of working in the industry, I still get up with the same passion every day that I had the day before,” says AgriBusiness Insurance Advisor, Mark Lenius. “While farming is not my full-time career, it is a passion and puts me in the “trenches” with the clients I am lucky to work with every day.”

Mark began farming at a young age. One of his early memories from the farm is riding on the fender of the family’s John Deere 50, and raking hay. Mark commented that he was so small he had to stand to push down the starter. After a few obstacles and getting things set in place, Mark managed to buy part of his home farm where he continues his passion for this life-long hobby.

Because of these hands-on experiences, Mark is able to put himself in the shoes of his clients, and can offer a unique expertise. This is a common trend at The Accel Group as most of the Agribusiness advisors are farming in their free time. The Agribusiness industry is ever changing, and each day these advisors are working to adapt to changes and find ways to create opportunities out of them.
“When I look at my clients, I cannot help but see a little bit of the same love for their farms that I have for mine.” says Lenius. His clients come from many different backgrounds and sizes, but each is treated the same. Mark’s purpose is to help farmers and their families maintain and grow their operation, and make a difference in their lives by the services The Accel Group offers.

Mark recalled a time of devastation for farmers, and how he could give them relief during such a hard time. “The drought of 2012 was devastating to crops in many areas of the United States.  I was in one of those areas. After farming for five years, I experienced one of the worst droughts in history. I had 33 bushel corn and 19 bushel soybeans. If it would not have been for the protection provided by my crop insurance policy, I would not only have lost my crop and ability to continue farming, I would have lost everything that I had worked for the last five years. I not only felt the relief at home, but I saw the look of relief on clients faces when we were able to give them indemnity checks that saved equity that took years for them to create, if not even saved the farm. “

When it comes to being a salesperson, Mark doesn’t like to refer to himself as a salesperson at all. He thinks of himself as more of a consultant by helping farmers strategize about the best ways to protect and help maintain/grow their farming operations. Crop insurance is one of the most cost-effective protection tools for farmers to have, and he is an advocate for this.

“We must look at crop insurance as not only how it can mitigate productions and price risk, but also if our products can be used as part of a larger operational plan.”

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