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What to Expect When Changing Personal Lines Insurance Carriers

By February 21, 2022No Comments
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When transitioning to a new insurance carrier, there can be unexpected issues that come up. Most of them are common and completely manageable. We are available to help you navigate through this starting with providing some information on common items that may arise.

10 things you may need to be aware of during this transition:

1) The new insurance company will order a property inspection.
A property inspection is part of the underwriting process and will be initiated by the insurance carrier. Once this inspection is completed, there may be items that the new insurance company wants to be addressed. An example would be a stairway without a railing.

2) Set up new billing with your new company.

3) Contact your mortgage company if homeowners premium is paid through an escrow account.

4) Receive inquiry letters from lienholders and/or mortgage companies.
This is quite common and often requesting verification that new coverage is in place.

5) Provide new grades for students to receive good student discounts.

6) Provide updated jewelry appraisals depending on the value.

7) Provide documentation of home updates.
Often this is generating a discount on the new policy.

8) Provide documentation from previous accidents.
If prior driving history shows an accident that may or may not be considered “at fault” you could be asked to provide documentation.

9) Contact your prior carrier directly to cancel previous coverage.
This is the easiest and most efficient way to cancel prior coverage and helps expedite any refunds owed to you. We can assist with this if you are a current client with The Accel Group. If you are new to The Accel Group, we can help facilitate this, but the prior carrier may need to verify the cancelation with you.

10) Carrier could service your policies directly.
You may be set up with a carrier who services our clients directly. This is a great benefit as it is an efficient and flexible way to service your daily needs. We are always available to you if you need to meet in person or discuss a claim.