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Tips For Working From Home

By March 27, 2020No Comments


How Do I Keep My Kids Busy While Working from Home?

This is a question/concern for many working parents during this time. As daycares are closing and parents are encouraged to work from home, it can be a struggle to separate work and home life. We have gathered some helpful resources to use to keep your kids busy in order for you to stay on task and motivated while working from home.

Helpful Resources for Kids:

Communicating from Your Home

Zoom is a great resource to use for remote video conferencing. Our agency has used this in the past, and has it been exceptionally helpful during the pandemic. Zoom allows you to schedule meetings and communicate while in different locations.

Check out the videos below for instructions on how to properly set up a zoom meeting:

Useful Guidelines for Companies Working Remotely for the First Time

Staying Healthy at Home – Advice from Our Licensed Massage Therapist

Here are some great resources for you to utilize while you are working from home relieve tightness or neck strains, exercises to help with your posture, and yoga to help with relaxation/breathing as well.

  • Posture Corrective Exercises
    • Helpful educational video as to WHY and HOW to properly improve poor posture- great for everyone sitting at desk all day.
  • Stretch Break
    • Take a 10-15 min Yoga break specifically for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back! See video here.