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The Accel Group Acquires New Tagline

By September 17, 2020December 17th, 2021No Comments
Blog - The Accel Group Acquires New Tagline

There are many moments in life. Some big, some small. The Accel Group is here to insure and protect each of these life moments. As an independent agency, we can meet all your insurance needs with the companies we represent, providing personal, ag, wealth management, business, and employee benefits solutions under one roof. Whether you are preparing to grow your family, take over your family farm, start a business, buy a car, prepare for retirement, or buy your first home, The Accel Group is here to Insure Your Moment.

As our agency continued to grow, we knew it was time to declare an official tagline. This effort began several months ago and was led by our marketing team, Jarrica Speidel and Tess Leuck. We began digging into a survey that was previously sent out to our employees and helped identify the core values we share as an organization. Those core values were then used to brainstorm how we could showcase our brand and connect with others. After narrowing down the list to our top three, we sent another survey to our team and asked them to vote on the tagline they thought fit best with the agency. It was important to us to include employees in the process and gain as much feedback as possible along the way. Each and every one of our team members is an important piece of the puzzle, and after reviewing the results, it was clear that Insure Your Moment was the right fit.

But the new tagline was not revealed to our staff right away. We wanted to announce this important milestone in an engaging way and inspire employees to be an advocate for our brand. We knew it was important to show the meaning behind Insure Your Moment so we decided to have a video created with all the different moments we can be there for you. We hired Roland Ferrie to help us with this, and the video turned out exactly how we hoped. It displays emotion and creates a connection between the viewer and what our agency provides. Current employees and clients were used in the video footage to make it even more personal. These are real moments we are helping businesses and individuals with each day.

Next, we hoped to have an in-person event with food, decorations, and a guest speaker that brought all our offices together as one to reveal the tagline. With COVID-19, however, this was not in our best interest. So, our solution was to create a virtual all-staff surprise party on September 17th that included former Green Bay Packers player, Aaron Kampman, as an inspirational guest speaker. Each member of our leadership team spoke on what this tagline personally meant to them, which added a lot of value and emotion to the presentation. Lastly, Insure Your Moment-inspired gift bundles were placed at each employee’s desk which included a t-shirt they could wear to represent this new tagline.

Sales Team Lead Corey Rekers mentioned, “Insure Your Moment can be that moment when your dream comes true and opening your business becomes a reality. It can also mean that moment when your dreams are put in jeopardy; due to an auto accident, a tornado, a fire, an employee getting hurt on the job, but then having the confidence you have the right insurance partner to pick up the pieces again and put the dream you’ve worked so hard for, back together.”

Our team is excited to have Insure Your Moment as our tagline, and it truly touches every aspect of our business. Everyone has that one moment where their lives changed forever, good or bad, and where they need the proper insurance coverage. Our goal is to be there for not only that initial moment someone needs us, but for all moments to come. We could not have made this happen without our marketing team, leadership team, and all our employees’ feedback.