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2021 Core Value Awards and Milestone Anniversaries

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2021 Core Value Awards and Milestone Anniversaries

At The Accel Group, we value celebrating our employees and their accomplishments. A few weeks ago, we gathered for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We were able to celebrate this past year, recognize those who celebrated a Milestone Anniversary with the agency and honor this year’s recipients of our the Accel Core Value Awards.

Milestone Anniversaries:

We believe as each year passes, we gain another year of excellence and experience because of the important work each of our employees engages in daily. Our Milestone Anniversaries are those of 5-year increments, meaning individuals who are celebrating an anniversary of 5, 10, 15 years, or more. We had nine employees who celebrated a milestone at Accel this year alone! Individuals who celebrated a Milestone Anniversary in 2021 were:

Traci Magsamen, 5 years
Michele Wheeler, 5 years
Andy Scanlon, 5 years
Wes Todd, 5 years
Ty Burke, 10 years
Tina Miller, 10 years
Theresa Farmer, 10 years
Doug Whitehead, 15 years
Mike Byl, 30 years

Blog - List of Milestone Anniversaries 2021 List of Team Members with Their Headshots

Core Value Awards:

At The Accel Group, our culture is centered around our core values, which represent who we are as an organization. Each year our Leadership Team selects five teammates whose commitment goes above and beyond for each of our values: Act with Honor and Integrity, Consistency Strengthen our Brand, Change, Embrace It, Empowerment Helps Us Grow, and Laugh Every Day. This year’s recipients of the Accel Core Value Awards are:

Act with Honor and Integrity: Lori Frerichs

Consistency Strengthen our Brand: Traci Lyons

Change, Embrace It: Chas Hemer

Empowerment Helps Us Grow: Cassie Daley

Laugh Every Day: Kara Roeder

Blog - List of Core Value Award Reciepients 2021 with Their Headshots

Congratulations again to our incredible team! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your hard work and dedication.